DigitalGift for Merchants

Small Businesses…Join Today

Small businesses of all types can now offer gift cards as easily as the national brands with the DigitalGift App.

You and your customers, family, and friends select who gets a gift, for how much, and for exactly what occasion. Perfectly customized with a personal message, video or pictures. Contact Us Today!


Merchants, Retailers, Grocers, Travel Center and Convenience Store Owners:

Interested in freeing up precious linear feet of sales floor space?

Interested in doing your part to eliminate plastic waste?

A DigitalGift Station is the solution:

A DigitalGift Station could increase a single grocery store chain’s selling space by hundreds of thousands of feet and help rid the world of millions of pieces of plastic at the same time!

A DigitalGift Station could give a convenience store chain a whole new revenue stream, amounting to millions annually in a 3×3 space. Contact us today!