DigitalGift Volunteers to Help Local BSA Troops Ensure Camp Card Sales Continue Through Covid-19 and Beyond

Atlanta, GA December 30, 2020 DigitalGift, the leading mobile-to-mobile digital gift card company, is pleased to announce that the company has expanded capabilities to include discount card programs.

The first discount card to be offered on the DigitalGift app with be a Boy Scout Camp Card on behalf of Cherokee Council boy scouts in Tennessee.

On February 1, 2021 when the BSA Camp Card Sales Campaign officially kicks off, in addition to traditional plastic card sales, Boy Scouts will be able to sell the camp cards virtually, by encouraging people to purchase and download the camp card on the DigitalGift App. The Camp Card will store in the DigitalGift wallet, just like any other major gift card, and when thecustomer goes to use it, the camp card is right there on their phone, in the wallet, ready to use.

Boy Scout Camp Cards are plastic discount cards that display multiple local participating merchants on them and from Cub Scout to Eagle Scout, camp card sales have been one of the biggest sources of fundraising and education for Boy Scouts of America. Scouts learn responsibility; earning their way by selling the cards to offset the cost of scouting programs.

Through the sale of the cards, BSA sends more kids to camp each year that otherwise wouldnot be able to go, and participating local merchants enjoy increased traffic from customers using the discount cards.

“Offering the Camp Card on the DigitalGift App as an option makes sense for us on a lot of levels, says Jared Pickens, CEO of Boy Scouts of America, Cherokee Council, “This will afford our Scouts the opportunity to sell cards virtually to neighbors and friends in a year where people might otherwise not want to get out there face-to-face. It is another way we can support the local merchants who support Cherokee; because it is digital, we will be able to add new merchants to the program all year long without the production costs that come with the plastic
cards. Long-term, this is the way the world is headed, and our fundraising efforts need to move with it. Lastly, and the move to a digital platform is in direct alignment with number 9 of the Scout Law: A Scout is Thrifty, this doesn’t mean only with money, it includes being thrifty with natural resources; making a move away from plastic is the right thing to do”.

Boy Scouts of America 2021 camp card sales campaign officially kicks off on February 1, 2021. If you are a Merchant interested in participating in your local camp card campaign, please contact your local Boy Scout Troop to learn more.

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