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Business Relationships

Whether you're a small business owner or large one, send customized DigitalGift cards to your employees, customers, and prospects.


Never miss a business, important event, or that special occasion again. Send a DigitalGift directly from your phone.


Be the hero of the day! Send them what they really want... a DigtialGift!

Micro Gifting

It is not how much you spent on the gift – it is the gift that counts!  Send them enough to grab a beer, a favorite burger, or a specialty coffee at their favorite spot. Let people know you are thinking of them, send a micro-gift, just because.


Build those relationships by remembering your friends, family and clients on that special day.


Motivate your employees and business partners by sending a DigitalGift.

Social Responsibility

– Americans purchase 2 billion gift cards each year, the most requested gift every year from 2006 to 2013. Once the card is redeemed, more than 75 million pounds of PVC material from plastic cards enters the waste stream each year…

DigitalGift has the solution….Go Digital

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A DigitalGift Kiosk is the solution:

 A DigitalGift Kiosk could increase a single grocery store chain’s selling space buy hundreds of thousands of feet and help rid the world of millions of pieces of plastic at the same time!

A DigitalGift Kiosk could give a convenience store chain a whole new revenue stream, amounting to millions annually in a 3×3 space.

Merchants, Retailers, Grocers, Travel Centers and Convenience Stores:

Interested in freeing up precious linear feet of sales floor space? 

Interested in doing your part to eliminate plastic waste?

We would love to talk with you about how DigitalGift can postively impact your business so please fill out the form below.

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